The Harvard PD you might have missed. You’re in luck, I was there.

After leaving Chicago Public Schools and a collective teaching career than spanned several decades, I decided to do two things: The first was to re-engage with my growing family and a significant friend base. The second was to enjoy a closer reading of the professional development that most influenced my professional career, and provided the fuel for the most important work that we teachers do – maximizing opportunities for all students to build participate fully in a literate learning community.

While preparing for a workshop I am writing, I came to find myself discovering, as often happens in close reading, the authors’ purpose loudly and clearly the second time I read through the Harvard Institute material. Although I am aware that it is somewhat cliché to say “A-ha!” at a moment of unanticipated discovery, I shouted to the thinking partner in my brain that I had unearthed two big reasons why we need Common Core Standards in my research.

It was back in 2006 when I was a delegate to the Critical Issues in Urban Special Education: Improving Outcomes for Students With Disabilities at Harvard University that presenters and participants sought to share the findings of extensive research related to serving the needs of all children – from birth to graduation through daily lectures and small group discussions. Two robust themes emerged and were interwoven throughout the research presented – relationships and access. Both are critical factors in ensuring that all students benefit from their schooling experiences.

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Plan to attend my session at “Harvesting the Fruits of Literacy“, the 2014 Illinois Reading Council’s Conference
Are We There Yet? A Summary of the 25th Annual Learning 
Differences Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Education: 
Overview of 25 Years of Research and Practice

Friday, October 3rd, 2014 from 3-4 PM

More info can be found here

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