Chess Warrior Association Tools


The purpose of the Chess Warrior Association is to motivate young people to learn about chess, to become chess literate and to learn how to win a game of chess. Everyone who attempts a game of chess wants to win. But learning how to win is effortful. Wanting to win does not automatically supply motivation to make the effort needed to learn how to win. The Chess Warrior Association provides the needed motivation by forming a community in which knowledge of chess is rewarded with membership, status and praise.

These downloads contain the tools needed to operate a successful Chess Warrior Association Chapter.

  • Chess Warrior Association Posters
    Download these five PDF files to a flash drive, take them to a print shop and have 18″ X 30″ posters made and laminated. These are essential for providing the familiar setting for all CWA meetings. The Pawn Narrative is included as a poster for use in instruction

Each Chess Warrior should have a folder in which they keep CWA related papers. The following downloads are intended to be printed and kept in the Chess Warriors’ folders.

  • CWA Certificates
    Print these certificates on White, 32lb Premium Presentation paper and your Warriors will have an award worthy of display.

For any inquiries or to request Part II of Chess Warrior Association, please email us at