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How do I download a document from the e-store?

Follow the instructions outlined on the confirmation email after checkout through e-license. Each purchase will grant a unique e-license ID number to be entered when first opening the document. For protection of the document, it is necessary that users download the FileOpen Addin for Adobe Reader (v. 5.0 or higher) and follow the installation instructions.

Step 1: Purchase and download content, and receive confirmation e-mail.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the email to download and install appropriate PDF viewer software along with FileOpen encryption Addin.

Step 3: Open the PDF document, and when prompted, enter the unique License ID number to view the document.

I successfully downloaded the document, but the pages are blank when I open the PDF.

FileOpen Addin is not or is improperly installed for PDF viewer. Fileopen can be downloaded here. Fileopen for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch users can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store here. In some cases it is necessary to restart  the computer before reopening the PDF file with newly installed Addin.

Can I distribute or backup the PDF file once downloaded?

No, each provided license number becomes linked to the particular computer on which it was first opened.

How can I contact Project Collage with questions or problems downloading the document?

Send an email to detailing your question or problem and we will happy to assist you with the download process.


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