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About Project Collage

Collage Educational Services, Inc., Project Collage, believes that meaningful and responsive teaching and learning practices must be established within a learning community. We believe that practices designed to maintain and sustain the community must be implemented with patience, tolerance, consistency and fairness. We believe classrooms are ideal places for students to learn and practice these same qualities in their interactions with their teacher and with each other. We believe that the teacher’s role is to help students fit pieces of knowledge together, to create their own collage of understanding.

Project Collage is dedicated to supporting teachers in the classroom with flexible and sustainable behavior management and instructional delivery tools that are needed to construct an environment wherein the social/emotional needs and achievement goals of students are met.

In the implementation of Common Core Curriculum and universally-designed instruction students will be required to collaborate, to make good decisions, and to respect other points of view within a classroom community setting. As students learn to work together and to construct a framework for thinking they practice skills that will better prepare them to build life-long knowledge of the world they will share with others unlike themselves. Project Collage will guide you in constructing this reality in your classroom.

Collage Educational Services, INC, Project Collage, is collaboration between two teachers from very different backgrounds who found that they have similar ideas about teaching and learning. They believe that when teachers validate the uniqueness of each child and works as a community they lead those students to higher levels of achievement. They believe that the content of what teachers teach has to form a coherent, consistent collage in students’ minds. They believe that teachers do make a difference.

Mary Beth Rolak-Sieracki is a National Board Certified Teacher of English Language Arts and a Reading Specialist. She has taught in urban, suburban, and rural schools for more than three decades. As a writer of professional development in literacy for a large urban school district, Ms. Rolak has honed a deep knowledge of and a unique perspective on the national framework for Common Core literacy goals and the journey that lies ahead for teachers as they guide students toward higher levels of performance.

Ralph Athey has a Masters of Science in Music Education and A Master of Arts in Composition. He also has a wide range of interests: He has built telescopes, re-built motorcycles, and he speaks better than survival Spanish allowing him to travel widely in Latin America. His broad interests and experience in urban classrooms give him a unique perspective on the challenges facing teachers today and provides a vantage point that nurtures a creative and constructivist approach to finding solutions to instructional challenges.

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